Transfer Station

The Patrick County Transfer Station accepts waste from the public and ships it to out of area
landfills. The Transfer Station also accepts recyclables for appropriate transfer out of area.

Transfer Station
171 Transfer Station Lane
P.O. Box 466
Stuart, Virginia 24171
Ph: (276) 694-6749
Fax: (276) 694-2160

Solid Waste Report
Solid Waste Report given by Olver on August 27 2009. - (PDF File - 05/14/10 - 3.6mb)

Solid Waste Report w/ Revision's
- (PDF File - 05/14/10 - 3.4mb)

Transfer Station Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 until 5:00 pm Saturday 8:00 until 1:00pm The Transfer Station is closed on State Holidays. Please call the Transfer Station for a listing of those dates and times.

Transfer Station -- Tipping Fees
$55.00 per ton( prices subject to change) Commercial, Industrial, and Construction

Transfer Station -- Chargeable Goods
$3.00 Couches, $2.00 Chairs, $2.00 each Bedding ( prices are subject to change) $5.00 Appliances ( prices are subject to change)

Transfer Station -- Recycling
Recyclables : Cardboard , 1 & 2 Plastics, Newspapers, Magazines, Office Paper, Used Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Metal and Aluminum Cans

Recycling Schedule
Recycle bins are located throughout the County.  Please review the Recycling Schedule for locations.


Ron Knight

Winston Reynolds

Bill Cobbler

Berkley Owens

Waitman Wade

Roger Fain


Resolution - Patrick County Solid Waste Committee

Committee Members: