Children's Services Act

What is the Children's Services Act?

The Children's Services Act (CSA) is a state law that establishes a state and locally shared fund for the purchase of services for at-risk youth. The CSA is administered locally through county-operated units. Patrick County's CSA Unit is based within the Department of Social Services (DSS).

The services that are typically funded by the CSA are for behavioral or emotional problems, and can include community-based, residential, and special education services.

CSA policy is set by a local Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT), which is made of appointed members from the community and local government. 



CPMT Meeting Minutes


CSA Calendar 2023

1/9/2023    FAPT Meeting
1/18/2023  CMPT Meeting
2/6/2023    FAPT Meeting
2/15/2023  CMPT Meeting
3/6/2023    FAPT Meeting
3/15/2023  CMPT Meeting
4/3/2023    FAPT Meeting
4/19/2023  CMPT Meeting
5/1/2023    FAPT Meeting
5/17/2023  CMPT Meeting
6/5/2023    FAPT Meeting
6/21/2023  CMPT Meeting
7/10/2023  FAPT Meeting
7/19/2023  CMPT Meeting
8/7/2023    FAPT Meeting
8/16/2023  CMPT Meeting
9/5/2023    FAPT Meeting
9/20/2023  CMPT Meeting
10/2/2023  FAPT Meeting
10/18/2023 CMPT Meeting
11/6/2023   FAPT Meeting
11/15/2023 CMPT Meeting
12/4/2023   FAPT Meeting
12/20/2023 CMPT Meeting