Building Inspection

Building Inspection                                                                           
106 Rucker Street
P.O. Box 466
Stuart, Virginia 24171
Ph: (276) 694-4143
Fax: (276) 694-2160

Jason Brown

Building Official


Hoyte Martin

Building Inspector


Melissa Shively

Administrative Assistant

Building Permit Application

          Planning on Building a House or an Addition to an Existing House?

                    (Form LDA-001A) Notice of Permit Requirement for Single-Family Residence

Mobile Home Setup Guide

Communication Tower Ordinance

Tall Structure Ordinance

Manufactured Home Parks Ordinance

Patrick County Subdivision Ordinance

Building Ordinance/Fee Schedule


Building Board of Appeals

Bruce Mosley, Term Expires: 2/20

Roger Beasley, Term Expires: 1/20

Roger Conner, Term Expires: 1/19

David Lawson, Term Expires: 1/19

Charles Cauley, Term Expires: 2/20

Nelson Stanley, Term Expires: 1/19

Larry Cowley, Term Expires: 2/20