Building Inspection

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Patrick County Building Inspection Dept.
106 Rucker Street, Ste 218
PO Box 466
Stuart, VA  24171
Ph:  276-694-4143
Fax:  276-694-2160


  • The Building Inspection Office is open from 8am - 5pm Monday thru Friday. 
  • The Building Official's office hours are from 8am - 10am. 
  • Inspectors will be in the field between the hours of 10am - 4pm with no appointment times to be given.


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Jason Brown   Melissa Taylor
Building Official Administrative Assistant


Planning on Building a House or an Addition to an Existing House?


  • Building Ordinance/Fee Schedule

Building Board of Appeals

Bruce Mosely:  Term Expires: 2/24

Roger Beasley:  Term Expires:  1/24

Roger Conner:  Term Expires:  1/23

David Lawson:  Term Expires:  1/23

Charles Cauley:  Term Expires:  2/24

Nelson Stanley:  Term Expires:  1/23

Larry Cowley:  Term Expires:  2/24