1. 2009 Real Estate Board of Equalization (PDF)
  2. 2021 Real Estate Board of Equalization (PDF)
  3. Administrative Fees and Attorney Fees Associated with the Collection of Delinquent Taxes (PDF)
  4. Bank Stock, Tax Thereon (PDF)
  5. Bear-Deer Tax Stamps (PDF)
  6. Beer, Sale Thereof on Sunday (PDF)
  7. Beer, Sale Thereof on Sunday Repealed (PDF)
  8. Building Code and Permits (PDF)
  9. Business and Professional Licenses (PDF)
  10. Business and Professional Licenses Repealed (PDF)
  11. Cable Television (PDF)
  12. Commercial Dog Breeder (PDF)
  13. Continuity of Operations Associated with Pandemic Disaster - COVID-19 (PDF)
  14. Court Security Fees (PDF)
  15. Courthouse Maintenance Fees (PDF)
  16. Cross Connection (PDF)
  17. Disorderly Conduct (PDF)
  18. Dog and Cat Sterilization (PDF)
  19. Dog and Cat Sterilization Repeal and Reenact Ordinance 92-309 (PDF)
  20. Dog Tax (PDF)
  21. Dog, Dangerous (PDF)
  22. Dogs, Running-at-Large (PDF)
  23. Drought and Water Emergencies (PDF)
  24. E911, Emergency Telephone Service (PDF)
  25. E911, Road Signs (PDF)
  26. Election Districts (PDF)
  27. Election Districts, Reappointment (PDF)
  28. Election Precincts (PDF)
  29. Emergency Services (PDF)
  30. Enabling Ordinance (PDF)
  31. Equalization Board (PDF)
  32. Erosion and Sediment Control (PDF)
  33. Erroneously Assessed Taxes (PDF)
  34. Exotic Animals (PDF)
  35. Fees Assessed for Court Convictions (PDF)
  36. Fence Law (PDF)
  37. Finance Board (PDF)
  38. Fingerprint Examination (PDF)
  39. Firearms, Hunting Near Primary and Secondary Highways (PDF)
  40. Firecrackers and Fireworks (PDF)
  41. Flood Plain Districts (PDF)
  42. Flood Plan (PDF)
  43. Fox Tails (PDF)
  44. Fox Tails, Ordinance to Repeal Same (PDF)
  45. Handicapped Persons, Parking and Spaces Reserved (PDF)
  46. Hybrid Canines, Regulation of (PDF)
  47. Industrial Development Authority (PDF)
  48. Law Library Civil Action Assessment (PDF)
  49. Lien on Real Estate (PDF)
  50. Line of Duty (PDF)
  1. Litter Control (PDF)
  2. Manufactured Home Parks (PDF)
  3. Manufactured Home Parks 2019 (PDF)
  4. Memorandum of Understanding between the Patrick County School Board and the Board of Supervisors (PDF)
  5. Mobile Homes, and Trailer Parking (PDF)
  6. Motor Boats, Operation Thereof While Intoxicated (PDF)
  7. Motor Boats, Reckless Operation Thereof (PDF)
  8. Motor Vehicle License Fee (PDF)
  9. Motor Vehicles, License Tax Thereon (PDF)
  10. Motor Vehicles, Operation Thereof While Intoxicated (PDF)
  11. Off-Duty Employment (PDF)
  12. Prepared Food and Beverages (PDF)
  13. Profane Swearing and Drunkenness (PDF)
  14. Purchasing Policies (PDF)
  15. Rabies (PDF)
  16. Reassessment, Application for Hearing (PDF)
  17. Recordation Tax (PDF)
  18. Recycling Reports (PDF)
  19. Revenue Bonds (PDF)
  20. Sales Tax, Cigarette Stamp (PDF)
  21. Sales Tax, County (PDF)
  22. Sales Tax, County Exemptions (PDF)
  23. Sales Tax, School Capital Improvements (PDF)
  24. Schools, Compulsory Attendance (PDF)
  25. Slot Machines (PDF)
  26. Solar Facilities (PDF)
  27. Solid Waste Disposal (PDF)
  28. Stormwater Management (PDF)
  29. Structures, Tall - Communication Tower - 2019 (PDF)
  30. Structures, Tall - Communication Tower Ordinance (2009) (PDF)
  31. Structures, Tall - Communication Tower Ordinance (2011) (PDF)
  32. Structures, Tall (PDF)
  33. Subdivision Regulations (PDF)
  34. Sunday Closing Law (PDF)
  35. Tax Relief Act, Elderly and Handicapped (PDF)
  36. Tax Relief Act, Household Good and Personal Effects (PDF)
  37. Tax Relief Act, Personal Property (PDF)
  38. Tax Relief, Personal Property Taxation, Exemptions (PDF)
  39. Tax, Delinquent (PDF)
  40. Tax, Real Estate (PDF)
  41. Traffic Code (PDF)
  42. Transient Occupancy (PDF)
  43. Utility Tax (PDF)
  44. Utility Tax, Consumers (PDF)
  45. Utility Tax, Gross Receipts (PDF)
  46. Volunteer Firefighters, 16 Years of Age or Older (PDF)
  47. Zoning, Goose Point Recreational Access (PDF)
  48. Zoning, Patrick County Industrial Park (PDF)
  49. Zoning, Rich Creek Corporate Park (PDF)