Commissioner of Revenue

Tangible Personal Property

Personal Property returns are due May 1st each year, property is based on ownership as of January 1st of the taxable year.  Tangible Personal Property includes items such as vehicles, boats, aircraft, motor-home, campers, mobile homes, and business equipment.

Real Estate

At this time Patrick County has general reassessments every six years, the last was effective January 1, 2021. Any construction or subdivision of land between reassessments is assessed by the Commissioner of the Revenue these properties are assessed in line with values from the last general reassessment.  All new construction is based on the percent complete on January 1st of the taxable year.  Information for Real Estate is taken from Wills, Deeds, and Surveys recorded in the Patrick County Clerk's office.  All Real Estate taxation is based on recorded documents as of  January 1st of the taxable year.

Elderly & Handicapped Real Estate Tax Relief

For residents 65 years of age and older and/or who are 100% disabled with a household gross income of $24,000 or less, and $100,000 or less financial net worth (the home and the one-acre surrounding are not included in the financial net worth up to $100,000). The applicant must be the real estate owner or have a life estate reserved, the home must be the sole dwelling, all prior year taxes must have been paid by the applicant, and more information is required.  If approved the taxpayer can receive up to a $300 real estate tax exemption. All applications are due by March 1st of each year. 

Prepared Food & Beverage Tax

A Prepared Food and Beverage Tax was adopted by the Patrick County Board of Supervisors on February 10, 2020, with an effective date of April 1, 2020. The amount of County tax on Prepared Food and Beverages is 4%.  More information on the tax can be obtained by viewing the Prepared Food and Beverage Tax Ordinance (PDF).

Transient Occupancy Tax

This tax is 5% of the charge for an overnight stay for any transient to any hotel.  A hotel is defined as a public or private hotel, bed & breakfast, inn, hostelry, tourist home or house, tourist camp, tourist cabin, camping grounds, motel, rooming house, or other lodging place offered for lodging for compensation.  More information on the tax can be obtained by viewing the  Transient Occupancy Tax Ordinance.


Transient Occupancy Form

Cigarette Tax

A Cigarette Tax was implemented in March 2022. A tax of 0.10 cents per pack shall be added by purchasing a stamp sold by the Treasurer and affixed to every package of cigarettes sold at retail in the county.

Tax Rates

The Personal Property tax rate is $1.71 per 100 it has been the same rate since 2006. The Real Estate tax rate for 2023 is 0.73 per 100.

Important Deadlines

  • January 31 - Fourth Quarter Transient Occupancy Tax for October, November, and December of the previous year
  • March 1 - Applications for Elderly and Handicapped Real Estate Tax Relief
  • April 30 - First Quarter Transient Occupancy Tax for January, February and March
  • May 1 - Personal Property Returns and Virginia State Income Tax
  • July 31 - Second Quarter Transient Occupancy Tax for April, May, and  June
  • October 31 - Third Quarter Transient Occupancy Tax for July, August, and September
  • Prepared Food and Beverage Tax is due monthly

Registration Information for a New Business

A Business located in the County of Patrick is not required to obtain a local Business License.  The Business Owner is required to submit a Personal Property listing of all equipment used in the business each year by May 1st. Any Business located within the Town limits will need to obtain information from the Town of Stuart office concerning requirements.

If your business is required to collect sales tax you will need to register with the State of Virginia. You may register online or by submitting form R-1 by mail. Instructions may be obtained from the Commissioner of the Revenue Office.

Federal Employer Identification Numbers can be obtained online, by phone, or by mailing form SS-4;  See the IRS website for more information.